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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Hellzapoppin'?
Hellzapoppin' is 1 hr 24 min long.
Who directed Hellzapoppin'?
H. C. Potter
Who is Ole Olsen in Hellzapoppin'?
Ole Olsen plays Ole Olsen in the film.
What is Hellzapoppin' about?
Based on the Broadway hit of the same name, this comedy finds Ole (Ole Olsen) and Chic (Chic Johnson) trying to organize a musical show at a lavish estate. They run into problems when the show's producer, Jeff (Robert Paige), falls in love with estate resident Kitty (Jane Frazee) and has to compete with her fiancé (Lewis Howard). Meanwhile, Chic's sister Betty (Martha Raye) chases after a supposed Russian count. Gags and dance numbers abound in this madcap lark.