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Fancy Pants

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Fancy Pants?
Fancy Pants is 1 hr 32 min long.
Who directed Fancy Pants?
George Marshall
Who is Arthur Tyler (as Mr. Robert Hope) in Fancy Pants?
Bob Hope plays Arthur Tyler (as Mr. Robert Hope) in the film.
What is Fancy Pants about?
To add a touch of English sophistication to her New Mexican estate, Effie (Lea Penman) convinces Humphrey (Bob Hope), a man she thinks is a British butler, to come to the United States in her employ. In reality, "Humphrey" is Arthur, a struggling American actor in need of a job. When Effie returns, the residents of their small town assume that "Humphrey" is the distinguished husband-to-be of Effie's tomboy daughter, Agatha (Lucille Ball) -- and Arthur is forced to play along.