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Experiment Perilous

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Experiment Perilous?
Experiment Perilous is 1 hr 31 min long.
Who directed Experiment Perilous?
Jacques Tourneur
Who is Allida Bederaux in Experiment Perilous?
Hedy Lamarr plays Allida Bederaux in the film.
What is Experiment Perilous about?
When psychiatrist Hunt Bailey (George Brent) encounters elderly Clarissa "Cissie" Bedereaux (Olive Blakeney) during a violent storm in 1903, his unusual relationship with the strange Bedereaux family begins. Suspicious of Cissie's sudden death and bewitched by a painting he sees of Allida (Hedy Lamarr), the gorgeous but troubled wife of Nick Bedereaux (Paul Lukas), Hunt sets out to discover if Allida is really insane, as her husband claims -- or if Nick is the disturbed one.