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Eroica (2003)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Eroica (2003)?
Eroica (2003) is 1 hr 27 min long.
Who directed Eroica (2003)?
Andrzej Munk
Who is Lt. Turek (segment Ostinato Lugubre) in Eroica (2003)?
Kazimierz Rudzki plays Lt. Turek (segment Ostinato Lugubre) in the film.
What is Eroica (2003) about?
This Polish film, divided into two segments, examines what it means to be a hero. Set during World War II, the first segment follows a man forced to become a soldier during the Warsaw Uprising. As the man continues to drink and resist fighting, his choice seems less the cowardly option than the sane one. In the second segment, a soldier tries to escape from a POW camp. While it is unclear whether or not he succeeded, the attempt unnerves the guards and inspires the other prisoners.