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Enchanted April

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Enchanted April?
Enchanted April is 1 hr 33 min long.
Who directed Enchanted April?
Mike Newell
Who is Rose Arbuthnot in Enchanted April?
Miranda Richardson plays Rose Arbuthnot in the film.
What is Enchanted April about?
When married British women Rose Arbuthnot (Miranda Richardson) and Lottie Wilkins (Josie Lawrence) decide to take a break from their respective spouses, they stay at a castle in Italy for a quiet holiday. Joining the ladies is Caroline Dester (Polly Walker), a young socialite, and Mrs. Fisher (Joan Plowright), an older aristocrat. Liberated from their daily routines, the four women ease into life in rural Italy, and each finds herself transformed by the experience.