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Duel in the Sun

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Duel in the Sun?
Duel in the Sun is 2 hr 10 min long.
Who directed Duel in the Sun?
King Vidor
Who is Pearl Chavez in Duel in the Sun?
Jennifer Jones plays Pearl Chavez in the film.
What is Duel in the Sun about?
Tragedy seems to follow Pearl Chavez (Jennifer Jones) everywhere she goes. After a domestic dispute results in the death of both of her parents, Pearl moves in with her aunt, Laura Belle (Lillian Gish), on an expansive farm. When Pearl notices Laura Belle's son, the fiery Lewt, life on the ranch erupts into chaos. The two have a brief courtship, but Lewt abruptly ends the relationship. When Pearl tries to move on, Lewt's jealousy leads to a climactic gun battle between the former lovers.