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Don't Make Waves

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Don't Make Waves?
Don't Make Waves is 1 hr 37 min long.
Who directed Don't Make Waves?
Alexander Mackendrick
Who is Carlo Cofield in Don't Make Waves?
Tony Curtis plays Carlo Cofield in the film.
What is Don't Make Waves about?
New Yorker Carlo Cofield (Tony Curtis) goes on a vacation to Southern California, where he quickly becomes immersed in the easy-going local culture while getting entangled in two beachside romances. First, he makes the acquaintance of the lovely Laura (Claudia Cardinale), who seems to like him but is also involved with the laid-back Rod (Robert Webber). Next, Carlo falls for the free-spirited Malibu (Sharon Tate) -- but he has a tough decision to make when Laura starts to pursue him.