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Dislecksia: The Movie

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Dislecksia: The Movie?
Dislecksia: The Movie is 1 hr 24 min long.
Who directed Dislecksia: The Movie?
Harvey Hubbell V
Who is Film Editing in Dislecksia: The Movie?
Eric Gardner plays Film Editing in the film.
What is Dislecksia: The Movie about?
Thought-provoking and inspiring, DISLECKSIA: THE MOVIE’s appeal and message transcend beyond the themes of dyslexia and learning differences. A powerfully touching and entertaining documentary, it is also the first film to offer an alternative perspective of dyslexia as a learning difference. Through the heartfelt and personal lens of dyslexic Director Harvey Hubbell V, the film presents a complete picture of dyslexia, educating and illuminating misconceptions, while underlining the need for raised awareness, early identification, and social change. It is a movie that literally changes lives.