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Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights?
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights is 1 hr 26 min long.
Who directed Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights?
Guy Ferland
Who is Javier Suarez in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights?
Diego Luna plays Javier Suarez in the film.
What is Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights about?
American high-school student Katey (Romola Garai) moves with her wealthy parents (Sela Ward, John Slattery) to Cuba in 1958. She encounters Javier (Diego Luna), a poor local who works as a waiter, and soon a relationship blossoms between them. At a nightclub, Javier teaches Katey the nuances of Cuban dance, which becomes her passion. As the young lovers grow closer, Fidel Castro suddenly rises to power. When her parents decide to flee to the United States, Katey must make a difficult choice.