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Die Mommie Die!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Die Mommie Die!?
Die Mommie Die! is 1 hr 30 min long.
Who directed Die Mommie Die!?
Mark Rucker
Who is Angela Arden in Die Mommie Die!?
Charles Busch plays Angela Arden in the film.
What is Die Mommie Die! about?
Ex-cabaret siren Angela Arden (Charles Busch) is no longer in love with her husband (Philip Baker Hall), and is disconnected from her children. In an attempt to escape her marriage so that she can be with a hunky layabout (Jason Priestley), she poisons her husband. But when she begins to suspect that her daughter (Natasha Lyonne) and gay son are also sleeping with her paramour -- and they in turn begin to suspect their mother had a role in their father's death -- everything begins to fall apart.