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Destroyer (2018)
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Destroyer (2018)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Destroyer (2018)?
Destroyer (2018) is 2 hr 3 min long.
Who directed Destroyer (2018)?
Karyn Kusama
Who is Erin Bell in Destroyer (2018)?
Nicole Kidman plays Erin Bell in the film.
What is Destroyer (2018) about?
As a young cop, Erin Bell went under cover to infiltrate a gang in the California desert -- with tragic results. Bell continues to work as a detective for the Los Angeles Police Department, but feelings of anger and remorse leave her worn-down and consumed by guilt. When the leader of that gang suddenly re-emerges, Erin embarks on an obsessive quest to find his former associates, bring him to justice and make peace with her tortured past.