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Death on the Nile (2022)
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Death on the Nile (2022)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Death on the Nile (2022)?
Death on the Nile (2022) is 2 hr 7 min long.
Who directed Death on the Nile (2022)?
Kenneth Branagh
Who is Hercule Poirot in Death on the Nile (2022)?
Kenneth Branagh plays Hercule Poirot in the film.
What is Death on the Nile (2022) about?
Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot’s Egyptian vacation aboard a glamorous river steamer turns into a terrifying search for a murderer when a picture-perfect couple’s idyllic honeymoon is tragically cut short. Set against an epic landscape of sweeping desert vistas and the majestic Giza pyramids, this tale of unbridled passion and incapacitating jealousy features a cosmopolitan group of impeccably dressed travelers, and enough wicked twists and turns to leave audiences guessing until the final, shocking denouement.