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Conspiracy of Hope

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Conspiracy of Hope?
Conspiracy of Hope is 11 hr long.
What is Conspiracy of Hope about?
Inspired by the success of the U.K.-produced SECRET POLICEMAN’s shows, films and albums -- and in particular the impact of rock musicians on galvanizing the public -- in June 1986 the U.S. section of Amnesty organized a six-city tour of the U.S. in which a caravan of musicians would spread the human rights message at concerts. Starring U2, The Police (specially reformed after a 4-year hiatus), Peter Gabriel, Jackson Browne and Lou Reed – the shows were a rollicking success. The tour’s grand finale was an all-day concert at Giants Stadium. The touring artists were joined by a plethora of artists including Bryan Adams, Carlos Santana, Miles Davis, Joan Armatrading, Rubén Blades, Joan Baez, Fela, The Neville Brothers, Bob Geldof, Howard Jones, Joni Mitchell, Yoko Ono, Steven Van Zandt. With appearances by Robert DeNiro, Michael J. Fox, Muhammed Ali. The 11-hour concert was televised by MTV as a Live Aid-style spectacular.