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Close to Eden

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Close to Eden?
Close to Eden is 2 hr long.
Who directed Close to Eden?
Nikita Mikhalkov
Who is Gombo in Close to Eden?
Bayaertu plays Gombo in the film.
What is Close to Eden about?
Goumbo (Bayaertu), a young Mongolian, herds sheep with his wife, Pagma (Badema), on their picturesque land. It's a sleepy, simple existence until a Russian truck driver named Sergei (Vlodimir Gostukhin) falls asleep at the wheel and crashes outside their home. Goumbo takes him in, slaughters a sheep for their dinner, and even has his daughter play accordion for their entertainment. Meanwhile, Sergei amuses his hosts with tales from his life in the city.