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Chaal Jeevi Laiye

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Chaal Jeevi Laiye?
Chaal Jeevi Laiye is 2 hr 17 min long.
Who directed Chaal Jeevi Laiye?
Vipul Mehta
Who is Bipin Chandra Parikh in Chaal Jeevi Laiye?
Siddharth Randeria plays Bipin Chandra Parikh in the film.
What is Chaal Jeevi Laiye about?
Chaal Jeevi Laiye! (Let's Live) is a 2019 Gujarati language comedy-drama road film written and directed by Vipul Mehta. In his quest to become a successful entrepreneur, Aditya Parikh puts life on the back burner, including his father Bipin Chandra Parikh who has been diagnosed with pontine glioma. Aditya agrees to take his father to Uttarakhand to fulfill his last wishes where they accidentally meet a backpacker named Ketki Mehta. The journey turns out to be an experience with surprises and realizations of their way to happiness and closeness.