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Cast a Giant Shadow

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Cast a Giant Shadow?
Cast a Giant Shadow is 2 hr 22 min long.
Who directed Cast a Giant Shadow?
Melville Shavelson
Who is Col. David `'Mickey'` Marcus in Cast a Giant Shadow?
Kirk Douglas plays Col. David `'Mickey'` Marcus in the film.
What is Cast a Giant Shadow about?
In this fact-based film, distinguished U.S. Army Col. David Marcus (Kirk Douglas) is enlisted by the Israelis to perform the difficult task of preparing their fledgling nation for battle against the Arabs. Before long, he feuds with the local leaders, quits his post and goes back home to his pregnant wife (Angie Dickinson) in the United States. However, Marcus, who is Jewish himself, soon has a crisis of faith and decides to return to duty to help the untrained Israelis form an army.