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Capote/The Savages

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Capote/The Savages?
Capote/The Savages is 3 hr 47 min long.
What is Capote/The Savages about?
CAPOTE, 2005, Sony Repertory, 114 min. Bennett Miller’s procedural about the writing of In Cold Blood is a moving and provocative look at the creative process. In an Oscar-winning performance, Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Truman Capote as a charming but ruthlessly self-interested man for whom everything - even friendship and love - is at its core raw material for his art. With Chris Cooper and Catherine Keener.

THE SAVAGES, 2007, 20th Century Fox, 113 min. Dir. Tamara Jenkins. Wendy Savage (Laura Linney) is a struggling East Village playwright who is involved with a married man. Her brother, Jon (Philip Seymour Hoffman), is a college professor in Buffalo who can’t commit to his longtime lover. When they learn that their father (Philip Bosco) has developed dementia, Wendy and Jon put their already arrested lives on hold to butt heads over the decisions that must be made about how to care for their father during his final days.