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Broadway Melody of 1936

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Broadway Melody of 1936?
Broadway Melody of 1936 is 1 hr 45 min long.
Who directed Broadway Melody of 1936?
Roy Del Ruth
Who is Bert Keeler in Broadway Melody of 1936?
Jack Benny plays Bert Keeler in the film.
What is Broadway Melody of 1936 about?
When Broadway producer Robert Gordon (Robert Taylor) struggles to finance his new show, a wealthy widow, Lillian Brent (June Knight), offers him an idea: cast her and she will fund the project. Catching wind of the deal, columnist Bert Keeler (Jack Benny) blasts Gordon for practicing favoritism, which means when Gordon's former sweetheart, talented performer Irene Foster (Eleanor Powell), auditions for a part, Gordon refuses to cast her. Foster will need to scheme to win the role she deserves.