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Black Cross

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Black Cross?
Black Cross is 3 hr long.
Who directed Black Cross?
Aleksander Ford
Who is Jagienka Zychówna in Black Cross?
Urszula Modrzynska plays Jagienka Zychówna in the film.
What is Black Cross about?
During the early 1400s, Germany's Teutonic Knights invade Poland, purportedly on a crusade to convert the Poles to Christianity. Jurand (Andrzej Szalawski) repels the invading force but loses his wife. Polish soldier Zbyszko (Mieczyslaw Kalenik) becomes infatuated with Jurand's daughter, Danusia (Grazyna Staniszawska), and vows to avenge her mother's death. After she saves him from being executed, they become engaged, but a renewal of hostilities between the countries threatens their happiness.