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Anguish (1988)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Anguish (1988)?
Anguish (1988) is 1 hr 29 min long.
Who directed Anguish (1988)?
Bigas Luna
Who is Mother in Anguish (1988)?
Zelda Rubinstein plays Mother in the film.
What is Anguish (1988) about?
Teen friends Patty (Talia Paul) and Linda (Clara Pastor) head to a theater to watch the latest slasher movie, "Mommy," featuring a deranged matriarch (Zelda Rubinstein) who hypnotizes her son (Michael Lerner) to steal other people's eyeballs and return them to her. Unfortunately for the girls, while the on-screen killer nabs victims in a movie theater, a deranged "Mommy" fan (Ángel Jovè) creeps through the film's audience, reenacting the movie's murders in real time.