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American Girl at the Egyptian

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What is American Girl at the Egyptian about?

To celebrate the introduction of the newest American Girl® historical character (to be announced May 31) is a lively program of silent film shorts for the entire family at the historic Egyptian! Travel back to a time when movie music was performed by a live pianist for Disney's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Alice cartoons and much more. Bring your doll! Come at 3:30 PM in advance of the 4:30 PM show to enjoy an American Girl® craft project!

Then come to the American Girl® Cafe for a meal. Additional American Girl® programs on July 19 and August 15!

Tickets: Movie & Dinner: $40 per person (gratuity not included). The $40 ticket includes the program at the Egyptian and the 7:30 PM dinner at American Girl® Café. These tickets are available through American Girl® only. Advance dinner reservations are required; call toll-free 1-877-247-5223 to purchase tickets.