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About Last Night (1986)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is About Last Night (1986)?
About Last Night (1986) is 1 hr 53 min long.
Who directed About Last Night (1986)?
Edward Zwick
Who is Danny in About Last Night (1986)?
Rob Lowe plays Danny in the film.
What is About Last Night (1986) about?
In this adaptation of David Mamet's hit 1974 off-Broadway play "Sexual Perversity in Chicago," Danny (Rob Lowe) and Bernie (James Belushi) are a couple of single guys who live in the Windy City and struggle to balance their desire for sex with the possibility of love. When Danny meets cute Debbie (Demi Moore) at a bar the friends frequent in Chicago's luxurious Gold Coast, the two start a sexually charged courtship that leaves jangled nerves and questioned motives all around.