The Velveteen Rabbit Synopsis
Longing to be real, a stuffed bunny gives comfort to a lonely boy.
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Velveteen Rabbit

By jazzman350
I loved this film...I got a call to tell me about a special screening and not only did my wife and I love it ourselves but my 3 kids (11,9,6) can't stop talking about thank you for the call or...

Loved this as a kid

By larsenjeffslc
Saw a sneak preview of this... same story i remember from when i was a kid... it was a great show! Everybody who saw this movie as a kid, needs to this version!...


By VelveteenRabbit
Do not waste your money on this movie. They have a telemarketing campaign, which they are calling everyone on their cell phones using a computer, and being pushy about it. It's a complete invasion...


By wimskee
I was able to go see this movie at a special screening and I loved it. I laughed and cried and the best part about it was that my 7 and 9 year olds were equally enthralled in the film. They can't...

Velveteen Rabbit...timeless message

My wife and I enjoyed it very much. It is a kids movie that is safe and enjoyable. nice to be able to watch a movie with little ones and not worry about what is coming next. even the dramatic part...

Wonderful Family Movie

By timandmeredith
Definitely a must see for the whole family. A real "feel good" movie....

Touching and Brilliant

By Innocentious
I was called about this movie. I am so glad I was. Took my family to see it ( we have 4 boys ) and it was great. Touching, loving, it reminded me what life and family is all about. If you have chance...

The Velvetten Rabbit was wonderful!

By juliepeterson
What a movie! I brought my 87 year old mother in law and my 3 and 5 year old grandkids and they were spell bound throughout. It was a great movie and it just got better as the movie...

Loved it!

By mossbrick
This was a darling movie, that blended old timey comfort with modern day animation. You can feel comfortable taking your children or grandchildren, as the move is rated G and has nothing for you to...

Sweet but not saccharine

By davisgirl
I took my 9-year-old grandson to this movie. We both really enjoyed it. The Velveteen Rabbit was a favorite book of his growing up. He liked the "enhancements" to the original story to turn it into a...

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Rated G
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Common Sense Media says Family film lacks frills but has sweet message for kids.
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