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A man (Sean Penn) tries to reconcile his complicated relationship with his father (Brad Pitt) .
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By Optimism
" TREE OF LIFE dares to offer a divine perspective on tragedy. " writes Dr. Film (Craig Detwieler). Agree. When you see this hugely ambitious movie, you will experience wonder and brain-stretching...

Three things I have never done

By ljo1226
1. This is the first time I have ever written a review about a movie. This movie is so bad that i felt i had to write a review to warn others. Watching this movie made me angry, frustrated, gave me...

The Tree of Life: A Move from the Ordinary

By nseale81
This movie seems to be polarizing. Some people love it - others hate it. I found it a unique and refreshing change from most movies of the day. It tackles big questions... and doesn't entirely...

The Tree of Life

By smos2022
This is an extraordinary film! Very moving, visually stunning and the music captures and enhances what's happening in the scenes. It also captures the essence of childhood the way "To Kill a...


By ithrah
while this film is unbelievably beautiful it lacks originality. i began to question whether or not this was on purpose. that is not good. i simply was not surprised either by the symbolism (which...

"Tree of Life" with roots in the abyss

By sandiegoalan
The most thought provoking pieces of art! Citizen Kane of the universe. Any body!! Anybody!!ho believes in the soulfulness of the mind and what art can mean for existence MUST see this film - but...

Confusing and Confused

By parsonsdavid
Two great actors -- Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. One doesn't utter a single word on screen in the entire film. The message of the film? It's anyone's guess and I wish someone would explain it to me....

Just read the synopsis - pass on watching the film!

By Bbtrs
I did watch most if this movie On Demand but would have had no clue what the hell was going on or the true significance if I hadn't read the prior movie plot synopsis. My husband fell asleep even...

Don't waste your time

By Buzmayo
Yes... The cinematography was stunning. Having said that, I hated the movie. Only the very artsy or very insecure will enjoy this film. I was left feeling like the boy in the fable who was...


By Todd607
Do not go to this movie. If you go you will be sorry. Sit on the end of the row so you can leave after the first ten minutes. It does not get any better. Trust me....

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Rated PG-13 | For Some thematic material
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Common Sense Media says Unique, difficult, poetic masterpiece about life and death.
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