The Song Synopsis
Fame and temptation cause cracks in the marriage of a newly successful musician (Alan Powell).

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By Justin Chang
A well-crooned country tune can invest even the hoariest cliches with honest feeling, and in much the same fashion, The Song takes a...
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By Susan Wloszczyna
At a certain point, however, I began to treat The Song as a kind of guilty pleasure, a not particularly good movie that nonetheless...
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The New York Times

By Neil Genzlinger
The actors, none of whom have much experience, are quite convincing, but the story — Jed falls, then sees the error of his ways — is an...
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Austin Chronicle

By Marjorie Baumgarten
The thing is, the music that Jed, Shelby, and their respective bands make is actually pretty good. The performance footage is polished...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
Striking nary an unfamiliar note, The Song sluggishly lurches towards its predictable conclusion — spoiler alert, Jed sees the error of his...
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Los Angeles Times

By Michael Rechtshaffen
The melody may be as old as the Bible, but The Song could have benefited from a fresher voice.
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A Film for the Restless

By swilliams482
“I have seen everything done under the sun. All of it is meaningless, a chasing after wind.” Drawn from the writings of wise Solomon, The Song is a masterful modern-day retelling of his quest for...

The Song

By dbrod13
This may come as a shock to some of my friends - but I really don't like Christian based movies. Most are hokey, shallow and lack the kind of depth real life throws at us. The Song is different. The...

I was REALLY surprised how good this was!

By jeffgrant68
After my wife finished crying her face off, we both agreed this was THE BEST movie of its genre, putting it high on our list of top movies. Solid acting, great music, clever references, realistic...

Great Movie! A feel good flick with a great twist to it.

By davidwanderson52
Great Movie! A feel good flick with a great twist to it. Bring your family and friends. It's a great date night movie for any couple. I found the movie very heartfelt, intense at times, but I...

Great date night movie!

By spappenfus
My husband and I really loved this movie. It made us appreciate the marriage that we have and how important it is to take care of our relationship!...

Inspired and Challenged!

By patricktbonner
I love this film! There are so many films that are written and released with a faith message that just does not ring true. The Song was not this kind of film. I was moved tremendously with this...


By vrbale124
Wonderful movie of real life marriage struggles and joys. Great music and a wonderful message of Hope!!! My hubby and I (of 35 years) so enjoyed watching this together....

skeptical at first….

By info739
I went into this movie with much skepticism knowing it had a faith agenda attached to it. I was blown away. It did not shove religion down my throat and was quite tasteful with any "God"...

The Song

By jamie241
“’The Song’ is a gripping story of a singer that seeks the wisdom of God, and that tastes the temptations of this life along the way. A modern day Solomon, Jed King learns the hard way that fame comes...

By Christybauder
Great movie! Would recommend to anyone!...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Substance Abuse, Smoking, Rude References and Thematic Elements
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Common Sense Media says Predictable, faith-centric film about marital fidelity.
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