The Metropolitan Opera: Nixon in China Synopsis
President Nixon's 1972 encounter with Communist China.

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Nixon in China

By slake
This production ranged from engaging at times to tedious all too often. The vocal score for the principals was interesting and well performed, but rarely pleasant to listen to; though the choral and...

Nixon in China

By lichtblaus
I found the opera totally compelling and fabulous and the interviews during intermissions were the best ever. Adams, Sellers, Lobel and the whole cast were spot on....

Living History--not just CNN Opera

By benhurperry
The extra conversations and behind-the-scenes make this even better--uncanny resemblances among the lead performers and proof that 20th-century opera is moving and intelligent....

Met Opera-Nixon in China

By fourn6path
A delightful avant garde live from the Met program. Unfortunately, not well attended. Most opera entusiast enjoy the classics and have difficulty with modern opera such as this or Dr. Atomic and...

Nixon in China

By operasteve
Technically well executed with clear sharp projection and very good sound quality. The sound volume could have been slightly higher. The camera work was often very close which gave good focus on...

FANTASTIC! Go see the encore broadcast if you missed it

By KateW
This was almost certainly a BETTER experience than you'd have in the live concert hall, because you got CLOSE-UPS. So you could SEE the acting - superb and VERY important in this work. You could...

Nixon in China

By cantobella
This is the first contemporary opera that I thoroughly enjoyed. The music was exciting and beautifully sung. I appreciate the intermission interviews with the artists. They enrich the performance....

Nixon in China

By mirib119
It was a wonderful performance. Although entirely new to me, the totality of music, lyrics, costume, staging and acting were first rate. I would see it again to pick up what I may have missed the...

A fascinating character study

By virginiarivers
I was enthralled by Nixon in China-- the portrayals of the significant players in the historic meetings, plus Pat Nixon, whose role was not as minor as you might think. Fine singing and dancing, a...

Nixon in China

By prof2
The newer, modern operas take some getting used to. The staging, music, and interviews between acts by thomas Hampson were excellent. It was a new experience but a very good one!...

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