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After fleeing an abusive marriage, a young woman sets off to start a new life. When she finds herself an unwitting witness to a murder she stumbles into a curious friendship with a depressed hit man.
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Directing for Keaton..

By Daydream
The Merry Gentleman is Michael Keaton's debut as a director. Keaton is a glum hitman that contemplates suicide on more than one occasion after his line of work creates a void within him. He does an...


Excellent film. Well written, acted and directed. Not the usual American fare - more like a European film, with depth and texture....

Oh no!!! If you go, don't for a.....

By densteele
Don't get me wrong, I like Michael Keaton. He's one of my favorite actors. I didn't blame him for his performance in this movie until I saw, at the end, that he directed this film. Holy smokes. Slow...

Keaton was Amazing!!!!

By JFandrich
What an amazingly directed movie..... dark and ominous, this film was superb. Kelley Mac Donald was as beautiful and delightful as ever!!...

Merry Gentleman

By bobster1939
Great character study and great acting....


By rweingard
It's one of those movies that makes you want to know more and more. Great characterizations; splendid Michael Keaton directorial debut and acting (I almost didn't recognize him!) Satisfying movie...

The Merry Gentleman

By m2sun
great movie, went in alot of different directions, making you always guess which way it will go next....

Merry Gentlemen-Not so much

By ricefan
There were two men in the movie but not so gentle or merry. Good acting and interesting characters make this movie different from most Hollywood "blockbusters". NIce plot twists. Michael Keaton...

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Rated R | For language and some violence