The King's Speech Synopsis
An Australian actor tries to help England's Prince Albert overcome a speech impediment.
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Very good movie, with a strong message.

By SimonTylers
This is a truly inspiring movie, and I LOVE Geoffrey Rush. Especially lovd him as Barbosa in POTC. Truly inspiring, if you haven’t seen, watch at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] . com...

What a gift from Hollywood for the Christmas season.....

By lovestalentmoviefan
....and a movie that gave one of few perfect movie-going memories. Please forgive me if you have already read this in my top ten movie note...but I can't help sharing it here. The King was about to...

The King's Speech

By Augenblick
A wonderful film! Colin Firth does a superb job as the frightened and tormented Prince of York who becomes King George VI just as WWII starts. He convinces you just how severe and paralyzing his...


By cheekychelton
Intelligent, well written, wonderful performances by Colin Firth and Geoffery Rush (who I think deserved the supporting actor Academy Award) this film describes the incredible struggle of the man who...

The Kings Speech - BEST MOVIE of the YEAR!

By reallyrednails
The Kings Speech is the rare film that grabs your attention from the beginning scene and doesn't let go all the way thru to the end. Amazing acting from all the principals, especially, of course...

King as good as the Queen

By Mister Right
Once again the British gives us commoners a peek behind the palace walls and once again it isn't very pleasant. At least, this time we have a hero who isn't a complete jerk (King George) unlike his...

The King's Speech

By jbird5156
This movie will be remembered as one of the best historical movies ever made. The character development from the child actors all the way to the character of King George V was first rate, with...

Five Word Review

By Cassysj_movie
Colin Firth is amazing Fabulous...

Best Movie of 2010

By hiltd
I watch a lot of movies from silly gross out movies to Sci-Fi to dramas. This movie was hands down the best one I saw all of 2010. Not a false moment in this movie. The ending which was subtely...

great film

By guslightyear
The King's Speech is one of those movies that leaves you with a good taste in your mouth. Why? you enjoy a good ensemble cast, which are powerful in the performance of real historical figures. This...

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Rated PG-13
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Common Sense Media says Superb drama about overcoming fears is fine for teens.
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