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THE IDENTICAL tells the compelling story of twin brothers unknowingly separated at birth during the Great Depression.
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Finally, an uplifting movie

By pkdad
We saw the Identical last night and truly enjoyed it. It was so refreshing to go to the movies and not have to cringe through the bad language, sex, and violence. The story provided several twists...

Great for your Mom & Dad -- Fine for You

By bradleywaynebrown
First, the movie's star, Blake Rayne, is amazingly handsome. In fact, the whole cast is full of beautiful people -- save the character actors Joe Pantoliano, etc. Ashley Judd, Seth Green are in the...

I grew up with Elvis

By magician49
I was born in Memphis in 1949 and am very aware of Elvis and "Rock-n-Roll". This movie is obviously loosely based on Elvis and Blake Rayne is amazing in the staring roll. I loved the music and...

I loved it!

By locktech
Ray Liotta deserves an Oscar for his performance....

very good movie... the story is awesome.

By dyablitoloco

This is a must see movie

By blackdogracing
My wife and I selected this movie when we couldn't decide on anything else. Started out a little slow but then the story catches you. I normally am not a fan of the sappy movies but this one is...

The Identical

By huntjw
This is a good movie that has a good story and the music is great for those that like Elvis. Recommend for family....

Solid film, well written, directed and acted.

By bjagold825
Solid film, well written, directed and acted. I understand the critics have panned it... certainly only had one of the elements they like--Rock and Roll. No drugs or sex. The religious undertones...


By Rifleman52
We saw this movie while in Las Vegas. We read about all the negative reviews but took a chance anyway. Let me tell you all, it's a fantastic storyline and feel good movie. Yes, there are touches of...

Good movie

By sdontell
I really liked this movie. My sister even cried at part of it. There were so many correlations to Elvis that it really makes you wonder. Elvis had a twin brother supposedly died at birth, his mom...

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Rated PG | For Smoking and Thematic Material
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Common Sense Media says Musical melodrama lacks charisma but is fine for tweens.
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