The Hills Have Eyes 2 Synopsis
A group of young National Guard trainees are attacked by mutants during a training mission in the New Mexico desert.
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Boston Globe

By Wesley Morris
The director, Martin Weisz , doesn't lean on a lot of noise and editing tricks. He can relax, since all the scares are built into the...
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Entertainment Weekly

A retro horror-comedy featuring quick deaths and cheapo-looking gore, with a few dorky laughs and gross-outs but not so many scares.
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TV Guide

By Ken Fox
Though written by Wes Craven and his son, Jonathan Craven, this is pretty standard stuff: A lot of creeping through dark tunnels with just...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Peter Hartlaub
It's not fun to watch.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Michael Rechtshaffen
The Hills Have Eyes 2 proves that even grisly, gory violence can be awfully boring.
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By Glenn Kenny
As a fan of the genre, and someone who genuinely loves such recent horror efforts as "The Descent" and "The Host," I respectfully suggest...
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

A perfunctory gore fest and quite possibly the year's worst date movie.
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
The mutants are brain-damaged; the filmmakers don't have that excuse to justify this movie, which is the kind of thing the sergeant would...
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
On the whole, this is an awfully long slog through very arid terrain, in which generic soldiers track, fight and try to escape from generic...
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By James Berardinelli
After this disgrace, it's time to shut the hills' eyes for good.
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Not That Bad

By 619boy531
This one was pretty good. But I kind of expected more. It had good actors, a pretty good, story & a good plot. I hope that they make a 3rd....

my hills have eyes 2 review

By lord-o-movies
this movie is just awful its scum some of the worst acting ive ever seen i loved the first one but this is just a waste of film it made no money at the box office horrible plot do not see this...

here we go

By marie13
This was such a terrible movie I mean it was actually very disturbing and that had nothing to do with this being a horror like movie. I recommend you and anyone you plan on taking to see this movie...


By MrGoodbody
I'm a SEXY BEAST and every one loves me in bed....

Close to the quality of the 1st remake.

By d3r3x
Had a blast at the movie. It lacked some of the FEAR the original induced as the family in crisis element was missing and they were replaced by National Guard misfits. I also had the survivors...

Better than the first

By boothstr96
Going into this movie I thought it was going to suck horribly. I was suprised overall from the movie and thought it was better than the first one. Every fan of blood and gore will love this movie....

the hills have eyes II

By lori feeley
was just as great as the first one. i would recommended to friends....

The Hills Have Eyes 2

By VampireNAngel22
This Movie Wasn't Really That Scary But It Got Me A Bit Scared Ever Now & Than. I Think The Gore Was Good. My Favorite Quote Is "So Sweet,So.....Sweet......" By Chameleon From The Movie. Which Is My...

If you like gore?

By Mr_Muscle
If you love gore then this is a must see.Although the actors who played the army soldiers were horrible and non convincing the movie made up for it focusing more on all the killing scenes....


By dszscsl
this was much scaryier than the last one! more twisted and edgey. the suspense was killing me....

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Rated R | For prolonged sequences of strong gruesome horror violence and gore, a rape and language
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Common Sense Media says not for kids Gory sequel pits mutants against the military.
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