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The Great Wall (2017) Synopsis
A mystery centered around the construction of the Great Wall of China.
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By tirceyoan
those complaining that there were no white heroes in medieval china, should also understand that in medieval china there were no freaking monster demons climbing the freaking wall. its fiction...


By thedoctor777
The cinematography in this film is absolutely amazing. The cast is excellent and all the seconds (hundreds and hundreds) had to be a nightmare for the director to manage. There are some CGI scenes...

Action packed!

By grantswedberg
Start to finish action. Don't listen to the negative reviewers. Matt Damon is NOT a Chinese born character he's a trader and traveler!...

Dont listen to the reviews

By christianarios725
Great movie, the reviews bag the movie in the wrong way, this movie is something new and treading!...

Excellent Movie

By RyanMWilson
If you enjoyed The Last Samurai, you'll love this one too!!! Ignore the negative reviews, there is no way they have seen this movie yet unless they were invited to a an advanced screening or were...

Great Move for Fun!

By spades2013tx
Notice that I said "For Fun". The reviews were all over the place and I was going skip the movie, but it was great to watch and enjoy for fun. Yes its out there, but just watch and have fun. I...

Great movie to see

By H H
See it 3D if you can. Lots of action and nice cinematography. Story moved at a good pace. Thumbs up!...

Fiction at its best

By vamsimaganti
Any negative review - just don't read it! Go watch it...

By tazmin2d
It was awesome!...

Not bad

By masterofmanythings
Simple story + great visual = fun This is better than a lot of movies out there...

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Rated PG-13 | For Fantasy Action Violence
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Common Sense Media says Action fantasy based on Chinese myths falls short.
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