The Eagle Synopsis
In Roman-ruled Britain, a young Roman soldier endeavors to honor his father's memory by finding his lost legion's golden emblem.
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Amzing movie, really recomend it

By RobertSmalls
Didn't know any of the actors when I saw it, but I will be looking for more work from Channing Tatum. This movie was awesome, you can watch it at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] . cóm...

The Eagle Has REALLY Landed!

By chubtom
First day film out viewer comments: After readng the "Oh No" ratings by people who had not yet seen the film I wondered what was wrong with previews or advance buzz. Now I have seen The Eagle, I not...

Well done movie!

By covebynite
This movie had action and drama as well as it was heart warming. It was a well put together movie. The main actors were very good....

great movie!!!

By hernandezsusie

Cast like a Romance, but Not Written like One - Mistake

By Cinespector
The movie was enjoyable to me. I did buy it when it came out of theaters, but I’ll admit that it wasn’t for the class A acting or writing that I did it. I would still recommend the movie, especially...

I loved it

By Koali
I thought I would have to make myself finish this once it started but I am glad to say it was hard to imagine shutting it off once I figured Aquila would try and go get the precious Eagle standard...

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By alexseals
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The Eagle

By ayanna0311
great movie...

The Eagle Movie Review

By Asianfreak
42 out of 100 The Eagle isn't just a piece of medal, it is perfect for nap time....

Wait for the DVD, and then DON'T RENT IT.

By Uberfan
This is one of the flattest movies I've spent good money on recently. The plot was flat, the acting was flat, the accents were flat, the emotional appeal was flat. Even the soda I spent $6.50 on was...

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Rated PG-13 | For Battle sequences and some disturbing images
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Roman action epic comes across as grim, violent, and dull.
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