The Diary of a Teenage Girl Synopsis
In 1970s San Francisco, a precocious 15-year-old (Bel Powley) embarks on an enthusiastic sexual odyssey, beginning with her mother's current lover (Alexander Skarsgård).
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Amazing Perspective

By dflamberg
Marielle Heller completely gets inside the head of a teenage girl. The movie is written and shot from that perspective which is both illuminating and terrifying. Sexuality, anxiety, a longing for...

Think twice before seeing this movie

By pdsauers
This is no diary of any teenage girl I know. Even growing up in the exact culture during the exact years the movie takes place, with fairly heavy indulgent drug use and sexual experimentation, this...

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

By bryant12
dark indie film, but that's what was interesting! liked it!...

Diary of A Teenage Girl - review

By akd4d1
Diary of A Teenage Girl does a magnificent job with bringing a girl's coming of age story to the big screen. This isn't every teenage girl's coming of age story but most girl's can probably see a...

A Realistic Look Into the Mind of a Teenage Girl

By mmcdonough33
Although I'm not a big indie moviegoer, I went to see this because it got great reviews, and it features Alexander Skarsgard, and I wasn't sorry for a moment. It's such a realistic portrayal of the...

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

By feltones
My 19-year-old daughter found this film very disturbing and finally walked out. Certainly not for everyone. Plus another film shot gratuitously in shaky cam. Basically a sick film....

Diary of a Teenage Girl

By ljgrobin
Someone mistakenly thought that making a soft porn movie would hold people's attention, but this one was boring and tedious. The characters were not particularly likeable, and the scenes were...

Incredible Teenage coming of Age Movie

By barbara38
One of the most refreshing things about this movie was it's honest first person teen girl perspective. Set in 1970s San Francisco, this movie brings us back to a time where adult rules were somewhat...

Bel Powley was amazing!

By Bevstglass
Bel Powley did an amazing job of portraying Minnie in this movie of a 15 year old girl exploring her sexuality. She was quirky and confused just as teenage girls are. I am in my 50s and could see...

By om
Great movie, charismatic characters portraying life as it is, without judgment. Artistic and clever use of animations, a must see!!...

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Rated R | For Strong Sexual Content, Dialogue, All Involving Teens, Language, Drinking, Drug Use and Graphic Nudity
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Common Sense Media says Bold but flawed film about sexual awakening is very mature.
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