TCM Presents Singin' in the Rain 60th Anniversary Event Synopsis
A screening of the film, plus an interview with star Debbie Reynolds. With Robert Osborne.

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By mickeydob_43
This movie was great to see again and the dancing left me breathless. I had forgotten just how talented these actors and actresses were. This was the first time I had been to the Cinebistro in...

Truly a "Glorious Feeling" on the Big Screen!

By prisoner2k
The communal experience of seeing the 60th-anniversary screening of "Singin' in the Rain" made me feel like I was seeing some newly-discovered alternate version of the film, even though it's the same...

The perfect movie musical

By okbyajc
Singin' in the Rain has long been one of my favorite movies, but seeing it on the big screen made it all the better. The characters are interesting, the music is joyous, the storyline holds together...

Singin' in the Rain

By pinenedl
What a pleasure to see this again on the big screen. Please bring back more 'oldies' for us 'oldies' !!! We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon showing and hope we can do it again on a regular basis...

Singin' in the Rain

By stornay
Absolutely delightful evening. No matter how many times I've seen this movie it's still highly enjoyable. Loved the interviews with Robert Osborne before it started. The new print was gorgeous....

Singin' In The Rain

By nemaproblema
It was great! I recommend that you consider creating a season of the all time great classic films -- which most of us have only seen on TV screens (more often than not, with commercials aplenty) --...

Absolutely Worth It

By schmilson
I debated about going to see this as I have the DVD and had pre-ordered the blu-ray disc...I am so glad I went. It was wonderful to see this film on the big screen and I was thrilled to find a full...

Singin' in the Rain

By Otis
...they just don't make em like that anymore. The awesome talent of everyone in the movie - haven't seen anything like it these days......


By misterduck66
I had seen this movie so many times I could even quote some of the lines. It was particularly fantastic to see it on the big screen. I noticed so much more detail! The theater was packed and people...

"What a glorious feeling"

By bobbydstl
I attended the screening in Metro St. Louis last night and wasn't disappointed in the least. I've seen this film quite a few times on TV (esp. TCM) and on home video, but it was my first time seeing...

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