Surrogates Synopsis
FBI agents (Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell) investigate the mysterious murder of a college student linked to the man who helped create a high-tech surrogate phenomenon.
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Good, but not great.

By Uber Monger
Overall, the movie had a great idea going, but just couldn't finish it. Parts of the movie had good twists, but the twists never played out, and neither did most of the plot. Something big and...

Bruce Willis Advancing in His Career...

By the_flick_reviewing_king
From TV Series to Die Hard series to the Last Boy Scout Bruce Willis has entertained audiences for years and not disappointed very many often. I feel that over the years Bruce Willis has progressed a...

Five Word Review

By wig002
rip off of short story...

A film created from a world imagined in a graphic novel by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele

By Spartacus2000
Surrogate's setting is a world were no one leaves home anymore. People move via robots they control from their homes via robotic “surrogates” which look like you or much better than you. The...

Must see

By cstacy007
Excellent sifi movie with sweet action scenes and a couple twists and turns that get you thinking...

More Than Meets the Eye

By proudmexican0000
Surrogates is a movie all about the perversion that is artificial life. it also teaches a valueable lesson that nothing can really replace the real thing. there are lessons in this movie that no...

Really Makes You Think About a Possible Future

By MetalBandit
I loved the movie, I truly believe that it makes you think about all kinds of possible scenario's. Made me think about what happens when a surrogate is damaged or destroyed, who pays for repairs or...

"Surrogates" review

By keonichavez
"Surrogates" has something in common with movies like "The Matrix", "Dark City", and "Blade Runner" -- these are all movies whose strength lies in the ideas they engender. Unlike each of the...

Would have said "must go" if there was more depth to a couple of storylines...

By lovestalentmoviefan
...but this is a good movie. Unlike "gamers" (check my review) this concept had a story and tried to do something intelligent,without diverting to unnecessary porn areas to fill time. You get the...

Yay Willis!

By fostermandi
Great fantastic movie...

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Rated PG-13 | For intense sequences of violence, disturbing images, language, sexuality and a drug-related scene
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Common Sense Media says Edgy sci-fi thriller is very violent; not for tweens/kids.
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