Sleuth Synopsis
An old British mystery writer (Laurence Olivier) plays a game with his wife's lover (Michael Caine).
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Jude Law deserves an Oscar.

By pomspringz
Outstanding performance by Jude Law. Great film!...


By rabtib
a must see!!!!!...

Sleuth is So So

By Lizerne Guiting
If you see this movie without knowing any of its background, chances are, you'll be bored. This was a play adaptation and a remake, and its look and feel make it obvious with one setting and two...

Bad...but even worse!

By hairy_larry
A Woody Allen copy cat except instead of Woody speaking to himself the entire time Jude Law and Michael Caine embelish themselves together. The only mystery about this flick is why it didn't go...

This movie SUCKS... you have been warned

By peekle2
This has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen - and i've seen some pretty bad ones. It started bad and got worse from there. The one saving grace was that it only lasted 1.5 hours, but that...


By glxy


By DavidandJane
After a promising start, it stopped making sense at around the midway mark, and went downhill all the way to the end. Which was disappointing, since we like both of the actors....


By gimmethecar
Sleuth had a slow start but picked up the pace after about a half hour into the film. It was suspenseful, entertaining and unpredictable (for the better part of the film). If the audience says...


By ballack
sleuth is a very clever and inteligent film!!!the first two pieces of the film is so clever and perfect!!!!the 3 piece of the film is not so good but is not bad!!!!if you dont see that film you must...

Leave them to it

By illogical hawk
Fun, but not really interesting. Having never seen the original, watching Michael Caine play the opposite role as he did in the original most likely adds another layer of enjoyment that I wasn't able...

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