Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks Synopsis
A retired woman and a dance instructor develop a close friendship.

Movie Reviews

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks

By sbgoody995
I liked the film very much because it was clever, because it was funny, because it was true to life, because it held my interest. The lines were clever. The acting was excellent. The repartee between...

Hard to stay awake

By fannn
I generally like these kinds of movies. I'm not a fan of violent movies or horror or the junk that's out there now. But, this movie is a loser. The stereotypes and the dialogue are laughable. I...

Not a great start.

By jobena2000
The film started out with stilted dialogue, cheesy lines, and seemed "playlike". As the characters kept interacting, it became much more natural, funny, and heartwarming. I am so glad it got so much...

six dance lessons in six weeks

By swooper
Loved it !!! Funny great acting, both Cheyenne Jackson and Gina Rowlands where well cast and the interaction of these two was terrific. It is a feel good movie that is funny with some great one...