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Movie Reviews

Celebration of WHO for the fans

By doctorspaceman
This show was amazing from the start. Even a clever way to encourage us to turn off our cell phones. The story brought the past and present together with many references to the past that only die...

Fabulous 50th Tribute!

By bpottjr
I've been following Dr Who for 30 yrs now. My love for the show has extended to my mother and daughter, so we are a 3 generation "whovian" family now. I laughed some and cried (a lot). Even...

Doctor Who turns 50 in Style!

By Gilliam70
The a Day of the Doctor is both a fitting tribute to 50 years of the Doctor Who television program, and an excellent Doctor Who story in its own right. If you have ever liked Doctor Who or even if...

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

By telephob
Many tears were shed and omg I can't wait to see it again!...

You MUST see this!

By Whomiga
Anyone that is a fan of Doctor Who MUST see this - unfortunately, this showing was a one time simulcast thing - but they are reshowing it as a repeat on the 25th. And if you can't see it on the big...


By bcorker123
It's like fan-fiction come to life. The DW 50th Anniversary Special is one of the greatest pieces of television (I say that because Doctor Who is a TV show even though the special is movie-like) I...

War Doctor Rules

By tatere
But do be careful of the chin....


By xinemahon
Awesome to see it on the big screen!...


By Peternwilliams
Enough said....

The Day of the Doctor

By vlinden