Fathom Events and BBC Worldwide bring Sherlock: The Abominable Bride, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, back to cinemas for a special encore event featuring an exclusive introduction to Sherlock Series 4 by Co-Creator Mark Gatiss.

Movie Reviews

Absolutely Fantastic

By Emeralsha
See it at once if convenient. If inconvenient, see it all the same....

A fan service to those follow the BBC tv show Sherlock

By chibilola
Probably not to be watched as a stand alone. It relies heavily on the viewer to understand the balance of the relations from the show and the instances they've created in the special, although you...

By fatfatjoey458

Holy Wow

By madelineloveslizards
I was expecting this to be wonderful, but then I went to see it. AND IT WAS EVEN BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE HOPED. The story line has great flow that keeps you engaged. I relished every moment. And...

Lots of bluster, little logic

By bovodenko
Not the Sherlock Holmes I had grown up with....


By Mysillybella
Very good movie. Interesting extras as well....


By Kelsey04
This was better than I even dreamed it would be!! I waited to see it in the theater for the first time rather than watching it when it aired on television because I wanted to see Sherlock on the big...

Great Addition

By Twalsh9
Loved the special. So happy that it was it's own story but still gave you some insights to the overall plot. The behind the scenes portion at the end was fantastic....


By WEG994U
What a great movie with fantastic writing, directing and acting....

Great Special

By kane5536
You would only be able to truly appreciate this if you have seen the other specials but it is a great continuation....

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Rated PG-13