Scarface Special Event Synopsis
A screening of ``Scarface,'' starring Al Pacino, plus a featurette about the film's influence.

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Scarface Special Event review

By Batman66
One of the best movie of Al Pacino...

Scarface Special Event

By grrrrl
ok, the movie is great. we all know that, and seeing it on the big screen is a blast. the issue i have with the special showing is that the organizers chose to show a documentary on the making...


By hothomas
This was a great venue and a wonderful showing. I have seen Scarface many times and know many of the lines but had never seen it on the big screen and it delivered even saw little things I had missed...

A Classic everyone should see

By madmagazine1952
Seeing Scarface on the big screen was mind blowing! Al Pacino is outstanding and the whole cast makes this movie a classic! I know it not for everyone with the violence but any adult would love this...

Classic Masterpiece

By tysonlv
Had never seen this on the big screen, what a difference from TV size screens. A true example of GREAT story telling....


By DailyPlanet78
Had so much fun...


By mairj23
Awesome special event, only disappointed with the volume in theater. It was to low and didn't have the movie sound to it. It felt like I was watching on tv...

A Classic

By lilsue
I've seen Scarface so many times but never in a theater so I'm glad I did. It made me appreciate that this movie needs to be seen on a grand scale. I loved it even more. It was a fun night. Al Pacino...


By brilikemovies
Awasome movie as always. Even better on the Big screen. Feel bad for all the people who didn't go see this special event and movie on the big screen with awesome sound. It Killed Mein!!!!...


Awesome on the big screen!!!!!...

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