Rosemary's Baby Synopsis
Satanists (John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon) want a pregnant woman (Mia Farrow) to bear the Antichrist.
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my rosemarys baby review

By lord-o-movies
very very good the best horror movie ive ever seen it kept me entertained throught the whole movie mia farrow gave us a fantastic perfomance in this movie it had a very scary ending if you...

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By firesun
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Rosemary's Baby

By laurajwilson
I love that our local Regal theaters show Flash Back movies, great idea! Rosemary's Baby is my favorite film, getting the opportunity to see it on the big screen was amazing! Great price, $5.00...

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By SRA76
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By noise64
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ROSEMARY'S BABY = Polanski's Finest Attempt at Horror?

By lugubriousthespian
ROSEMARY'S BABY will undoubtedly always reside at the apex of cinematic horror films that deviously combine subliminal and subversive elements and still manage to present a tremendously entertaining...

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By awilliamson616
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By hirotwilliams
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Fantastic Classic

By geode2000
If you like scary movies with sexy suspense and without gratuitous gore, this one is for you!...

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