RiffTrax Live: Night of the Living Dead Synopsis
The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to watch and comment on Night of the Living Dead.

Movie Reviews

It was vanilla coke

By princesa50500
It wasn't great but it didn't suck. There were quite a few good funny lines "Rombies"! But likewise there were some not funny at all lines. 50/50.......

RiffTrax Live - Always Awesome

By molliejoy
This one, like the other RiffTrax Live events I've been to, was a scream! The guys were totally on it, there was another Norman short to start the film and it's always a great experience to have an...

Night of the Living Dead - just made for RiffTrax

By nina554
If you love RiffTrax, you missed a fun night at the movies. If you don't know what RiffTrax is (are?) check out their website and see what it's all about. My only complaint about the movie was the...

Creative Genius

By dorieguthrie
A classic film I remember seeing as a kid. Scared me to death. I couldn't imagine laughing at this movie, but I knew I could count on Mike, Bill and Kevin to be up to the task. I thank them for...

Had a blast

By cameraassistant
Their spin on the extra dialogue was hysterical! I can't say as I get the opening short? I guess I was expecting something a little more Halloweeny. Also, I miss when they used to have musical guests...

Night of the Living Dead

By janperna989
So funny! I've seen many Rifftrax movies and this was one of the all time funniest. Don't hesitate to spend the money to see it. Makes for a great pre-Halloween evening!...

Night of the Living Dead

By spazzing
I laughed so hard I was wiping tears from my eyes throughout the movie! OMG, I can't wait for the next RiffTrax Live event. My stomach HURT from laughing.... I can't recommend it highly enough!...

Always worth it

By duckbilledplatitude
I have been an MST3K dork since I was a little kid in Minnesota watching Joel and the 'Bots on Minnesota public television. They hold up so well and the live format is fantastic. Even if the riffs go...

The Boys at Rifftrax Never Fail to Impress

By hawkscoii
Mike, Bill, and Kevin slayed again at their latest Rifftrax Live! showing. They had me laughing so hard, I may have thrown out my back. If they follow their history, this one will be available on...

Night of the Living Laughs!

By rickster50
As always, the guys from Rifftrax never fail to keep us in stitches! The Night of the Living Dead is the perfect vehicle for their antics! Especially loved their reference to President Obama...

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Rated NR | For Treat as PG-13