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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Synopsis
Alice battles bloodthirsty zombies and the evil Umbrella Corp. at the Hive in Raccoon City.
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Resident Evil or Reboot?

By kage679
Long time fan of the series even got my wife into watching them. Each movie offered something unique and kept the story going until this one. At the end of the prior movie Alice got her powers back...

Good'ol Resident Evil

By druizjr2911
Absolutely had a great time! Something about this series I always enjoy!! Milla is at her best of course. Her husband, the director, by this time knows how to make her look good and you bet your damn...

By far the best in the series!

By lopezanthonymikal
This movie got me (scared me) a few times but it also gives more backstory we never really got before. Unfortunately with the series ending it does have a little emotional factor in it but DEFINITELY...

A great ending

By trammelldrew
Resident evil the final chapter delivers in all aspects that you would wish for. Mila is the perfect actor to play Alice and she looked like her old self since resident evil 1 that was released back...

Highly Anticipated

cant wait...


By Rolemodel35
Slow start, but picks up shortly after. Overall very good, and a must see for Resident Evil fans!...

My review would be 3 and half but there is no option for that.

I love this movie because how Alice's story is unfold so therefore I wouldn't mind to see Alice on the Big Screen again in the future. Thanks Milla for your commitment to this franchise....


By shaolin634
I loved the movie!!!!! It's the BEST out of all of the resident evil series. The action was great!...

Final chapter

By michwllc
Loved the movie I can totally see another one though down the line...

By tavaethegreat
Great movie...

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Rated R | For Violence Throughout
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Loud, shaky, violent sequel hopefully ends zombie series.
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