Race Across the Sky 2010 Synopsis
This year's Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike and ultra marathon competitions to the big screen with an all new documentary and panel discussion.

Movie Reviews


By luffkatt

Movie was good, too bad it's not a real MTB race

By tesxyz
Movie = Good Race = Weak Sure it's high, sure it's long... but miles of pavement and flat fire roads? No wonder the roadies can win it....

More race and less interviews please

By fzrdave
This is truly one of the greatest single-day bicycle races in the World and it is in one of the most beautiful spots in the World, but the vast majority of the time in this movie/documentary is spent...

Five Word Review

By cyclist4
Every Mountain Biker's dream ride...

Five Word Review

By Kymberli36
Spectacular fearless inspirational cinematic intense...

Race Across the Sky - a must see

By jenjamschwartz
If you want to be inspired by both pro athletes and people like you and me, this is the movie to see. It's exciting, emotional, and all around fun....of course a love for cycling would be helpful...

Race Across the Sky 2010

By FreeWheelinReesa
If you are a cycling fan, it is a must see. I'm a cyclist and I loved it. If you're not so much of a cycling fan, you'd still love it and you'd wonder why these people are doing this insane ride. ...

Race Across the Sky 2010 Review

By velogrrl
This film appealed to me on several levels. I would consider seeing it just for the scenery, which is breathtaking. It takes you up over 12,000 feet into the Colorado Rockies. I am a bike racer and a...

Race Across II

By DouglasLange
I enjoyed the movie and compared it with last years verison. The moderator was quite distracting...whats up with the goofy ear piece? The content was much improved this year with more stories behind...

Wish I could ride it.

By jlifefrc
I have run Leadville 100 twice. 1987 finished in 29 = hours (lots of rain some snow) and 1989 (dropped out, was pulled at fish Hatchery). Thought this year's movie was really oriented to the regular...

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