Pearl Harbor Synopsis
Best friends (Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett) become fighter pilots and romantic rivals in 1941.
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Pearl Harbor Movie Review

By Asianfreak
58 out of 100 The "Titanic" of war movies was an epic fail but had exhilarating action sequences and powerful moments....

By MKLandrum

Five Word Review

By sabrinabeana
Amazing Romantic Action View WWII...

By MJ210

'It's not the best."

By moviespoiler795
To be honest, I really didn't like all of it but it had some moments...

Pearl Harbor review

By folster101
to long!!! other t han that great movie...

oh no!

By xcasserx

78 out of 100

By RogueWatcher

Historical Accuracy

By hsinclair94
Pearl Harbor was a great movie in the sense of the ideal depiction of the attack. The love story was added into the film for dramatical effect for viewers. There was also a lot of visual effects and...

Pearl Harbor Movie Review

By Spencer27057
70 out of 100 Don't be prepared to find this romantic war epic amazing, just entertaining and romantic (copycat of "Titanic") but it is no a world winner....

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Rated PG-13 | For brief sensuality, intense war sequences, some language and images of wound
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says This violent movie is worth seeing, but only once.
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