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In a gripping true story set during the height of the Cold War, American chess prodigy Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire) finds himself caught between two superpowers when he challenges the Soviet Empire.
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Good, but.....

By sbt427n
From this movie, I was surprised to learn for the 1st time that Fischer was such a nut case. That's the plus side. Then, just felt the script writers spent too much time to emphasize his craziness,...

The Entire World Watched

By letusbegin
I earned my college tuition by teaching chess. I’m an insider here. Fellow chess experts and I groaned after game two of the Fischer-Spassky match. My future wife, living in South America, was also...

Awesome. Inspiring. Uplifting. Sad. Thoughtful. Brilliant.

By youngimages2000
I love true stories. Even if they are bad movies, if they stay true to the story, they can't go wrong. Except for a bunch of the movies about Elvis, I can't say I have seen a bad true story movie. ...

Not bad, but not great either

By meagann92014
Great story, but the execution of the movie was left wanting. The performances were great, but characters were half-composed; the tension build-up was great, but it failed to capture the game of...


By hkaplan918
Excellent biopic. Fine acting and direction.. Tobey Maguire was terrIfic. I also especially liked Liev Schreiber. Phenomenal chess scenes. As an avid chess player of a certain age, I remember those...

Tough topic

By cheesedogg
Good movie considering it's about a lunatic chess player. They didn't really cover his mom enough, so you don't see her psychological problems and the link with Fischer's mental problems....

For the Most Part, Brilliant!

By chriscuster
I loved the film, loved how the director drew a fine line between Bobby Fischer's near-paranoid schitzophrenia and his all-encompassing sensitivity. We were provided with flashbacks from Bobby's...

Interesting story. Not very well made

By dlf11756
I grew up hearing only about Fischer "the champion". His ongoing paranoia and erratic behavior were never discussed in our home--probably because we had a few cuckoos of our own! So this was somewhat...


By movies_dee
As one who competed in chess in my youth, this movie was personal. My dad was an avid chess player, who coached me in my younger years in the 70's-80's. In retrospect, it makes sense now why he had...

Okay but not great

By Matthew797
The movie seemed to keep repeating the same plot points over and over, chess genius - psychologically troubled ... we got it the first time .. involve us in the journey. It wasn't in depth about...

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Rated PG-13 | For Brief strong language, some sexual content and historical smoking
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Common Sense Media says Fascinating chess biopic deals with mental instability.
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