Pathfinder Synopsis
American Indians adopt a Viking boy that was left behind during a skirmish with his people.
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This one died by the sword

By sethrich
The trailers for Pathfinder appeared promising and led me to believe it could be just as good as the also recent historical action movie, 300. Sadly, this movie is a disappointment. It had potential...

Pathfinder gets lost!

By twillebn
The best part of this movie is the costumes....weak story. When you see the previews.....that's the best part. My 13 year old son fell asleep if that tells you anything. In fact, we almost walked...


By jonm80
The movie was horrible. My brother and I ended up walking out about 3/4 of the way through. You kept waiting for the acting to get better and for someone to call someone by a name. The cut scenes...

This movie was top five

By michael.bailey-02
This movie was top five worst movies ever made! The plot line was mentally retarded, the action was worse than a crappy power rangers knock off, and there was holes in the story constantly. Everyone...


By dizzymiss_lizzy
I thought it was an ok movie. It was not worth the $9/ticket I paid, but it's worth seeing at the dollar movies or renting. The plot was kind of fun, but the dialogue was horrendously cheesy at...

Don't waste your time.

By ak2099
I felt that my time would have been better spent sleeping. Definitely not worth the $7.50 early show. Decent fighting scenes could not make up for lack of plot and near zero dialogdialog...


By scotthull32
It just seemed like it was forever long, the main character lives forever and it is so unreal that he could have done what he does and the ending takes forever to end up and come to a solution....

Pathfinder loses it's way.

By blueshield
This film sounds good if you just read about it and the previews of course show the very best action sequences and decent stand alone dialogue. However, when you actually go to see's just...

Not even worth your $7.50

By orion10172
I hated this movie. Very bittle-thin plot. Historically inaccurate with horrible acting by the whole cast, this movie made me wince for the acting career of Karl Urban. Sure violence and action...

Why? So many Viking movie ideas and they do this?

By big7samuraifan
Geese Hollywood, what is wrong with you? I mean a Viking Mythology movie, movie on Ragnorak, or a Viking Historical movie in Europe or Russia, so many Viking themed movies crying out to be made! I...

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Rated R | For strong brutal violence throughout
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Common Sense Media says Bloody actioner pits Vikings vs. Native Americans.
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