Old Fashioned Synopsis
Clay is well-known for his outdated theories on romance and love. When he meets Amber, he gives up his rational theories, while Amber overcomes her emotional wounds to engage in an old-fashioned courtship.
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Romantic, respectful, funny

By lopeslu
Loved this movie, just what the title says. It's a love story of two people that have a not so charming past and they try an old fashioned romance. Excellent conversation starter about dating, love,...

Great movie.

By Mcbrown108
Was privileged to get to see this great movie on February 6th as a pre-release showing. The storyline was incredible. The details portrayed with the cinematography were very well done. The cast were...

Beautiful movie!

By carlahicks259
I had the great pleasure of seeing an advance screening of Old Fashioned in October, and I highly recommend it. The story is so well written, and it is original and intriguing. There are no big...

Best romantic movie!!!

By meclark56
Fantastic story, great acting, beautiful cinematography! This movie is a real winner--the characters are so realistic, and their story is one of hope, healing, and real love. Its really refreshing to...

"old fashioned"

By psteven810
I loved this film because it gives you another way to have a good relationship and maybe avoid some mistakes people make too often, if you pay attention I think you will have a better start. the...

Change - Be Old Fashioned

By thereandback56
I liked the film for it depicts longings & true desires of a woman's heart but sadly, it also came with the realization of how few men (like Clay) there seem to be in the world. Unlike so many of the...

Refreshing Old Fashioned

By lopeslmt
Such a refreshing, off-the-beaten-path alternative to the obvious, hypersexual, over-the-top, and often mind-emptying options in the movie theaters. If you are ready for a great conversation starter,...

So all the critics hate it? MUST BE A HIT!

By jfmod
I was not surprised to see that "film critics" hated this movie - after all, its not full of sex, cursing, car chases, drugs, and 50 shade of .... okay you get the point. Its refreshing that a...

Old Fashioned delivers

By burschjj
What a breath of fresh air. The perfect Valentine's Day date movie!...

I really wanted to like this movie

By dlcarnes
My husband and I went to see this movie last night as an alternative to "50 Shades of Gray". We wanted to support a clean romance movie. The theater was surprisingly almost full. The story is good...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Thematic Material
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Faith-based romance argues for purity but lacks energy.
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