Night Moves Synopsis
Radical activists plotting to blow up Oregon's Green Peter Dam in an act of environmental sabotage.
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By Oliver Lyttelton
Eisenberg does an enormous amount with what he has, proving to be sinister and vulnerable virtually within the same breath, and expertly...
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Night Moves eschews traditional tension-building through plot twists and betrayals to focus on its characters, as Reichardt uses her...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Richard Roeper
This is a quietly gripping gem.
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By Brian Tallerico
Night Moves eschews traditional tension-building through plot twists and betrayals to focus on its characters, as Reichardt uses her...
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By Eric Kohn
No stranger to crafting excessive anticipation, Reichardt has funneled that skill into thriller clothing. However, like all of her output,...
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Village Voice

By Alan Scherstuhl
That patience of Reichardt's, and her dedication to showing us exclusively the things that we must see, makes the scenes of preparation —...
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By Justin Chang
Kelly Reichardt blends her lucid observational approach with a topical-thriller format to engrossing effect in Night Moves.
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The New Yorker

By David Denby
What happens at the dam, filmed at night, with only shimmering light, is the most nerve-racking sequence in recent movies. Reichardt,...
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Entertainment Weekly

By Chris Nashawaty
While the first hour is evocative and suspenseful, the second doesn’t quite muster the depths of paranoia and doom you’re led to expect.
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
Night Moves is a thoughtful, clear-eyed and provocative film that raises thorny questions but doesn't offer easy answers.
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Night Moves

By tanyas3000
If you you respect the art of filmmaking and want to see a beautiful and thrilling film, Night Moves is your movie. Director, Kelly Reichardt is one of the best directors around and I am grateful to...

hated it!!

By vicki674
Slowest most depressing movie I ve ever seen - whats his name has one expression and 5 words - nothing redeeming....

Solidly Mediocre movie

By fenichel
This movie could have been great, but only up until the last 1/3rd. The last 1/3rd was a snoozefest and the ending left a lot to be desired. I would not recommend....

A bit overrated

By Culture Dude
This movie is a solid thriller. However, why the critics love it so much considering the rather abrupt ending--it's as if part of the movie is missing--is beyond me. Where is the third act? Plus,...


By Electronica
I read a bunch of positive reviews but was disappointed in this painfully slow-moving "thriller." A lot of potential with a fine cast but just plain boring....

Night Moves

By jmousseau1
Not good. I'm ok with slow moving movies but this movie was really slow and I was bored And in terms of suspense, the trailer was much more suspenseful than the movie. A big thumbs down from me....

Excruciatingly slow!

By FergiDotCom

Night Moves -- not so spectacular

By city_6716
I was so excited to see this film. Partially because I always find Dakota Fanning to be in good films and I am a huge fan of hers, and have heard good things about the director. As soon as it started...

night moves - the worst movie I have seen

By andre767
So horribly boring. Fertilizer shopping in real time. Never ending irrelevant and boring scenes. After one hour still almost nothing developed that wasn't there after the first 5 minutes....

By jlbakerjr
BORING!!!!!! End dumb worst movie I've seen in many years. Only 2 other people in theater in large auditorium should have warned me to leave before it started....

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Rated R | For Some Language and Nudity
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Common Sense Media says OK for kids 16+ Radical-environmentalism drama is thoughtful, slightly edgy.
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