Regal's Cutting Edge Technology Allows Deaf and Blind to Experience What They've Been Missing

Regal, the nation's largest theater chain announced that 400 theaters are now offering the Sony Entertainment Access System,  a cutting-edge technological breakthrough in movie watching that allows deaf and hearing-impaired people enjoy the latest films.

"The evolution from open caption presentations and earlier generations of technology to our advanced Sony Entertainment Access System has led to the dawning of a new age of greater access at Regal and we could not be more proud of the progress," Regal's Chief Purchasing Officer Rob Del Moro said.

The Sony Entertainment Access System was introduced to American moviegoers exclusively by Regal in April 2012. The system includes specially designed lightweight eyewear which privately displays closed caption text directly in the line of sight for both 2D and 3D movies.

The assistive technology can accommodate headphones of neck loops connected to the wireless receiver to hear descriptive audio tracks for patron who have low vision or those who are blind. (Imagine what the Fast & Furious 6 audio description sounded like!)

Online showtimes offering this service will note, "Accessibility Devices Available" and the eyewear and headphones can be obtained from the Guest Services counter or from theater managers.

Watch the short clip below for a video demonstration of the Sony Access Glasses.




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